What You Need to Know About SUP

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Stand up paddle surfing is getting more and more popular these days. It is one unique variation of the usual surfing on waves. It is not easy to do despite the fact that paddles are used because still, it requires perfect skill and balance.

Passions come in many forms – whether you’re interested in working for SEOSatori as a Phoenix SEO Expert, or simply teaching surfing lessons, that may be where you’re passion lies – however, life necessitates work and play – many individuals call SUP one of their passions.

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Paddling Can Be Relaxing, Too

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Yes, this sport is not only in hitting the big waves of ocean. Aside from being a strenuous sport, in can also be a relaxing activity. You may paddle surf on smooth water surfaces such as lakes or river and enjoy the scenery.

Though it is not very common and may not be the usual for stand up paddle surfing, it can still be done and it does not need one to be an expert. Paddling on smooth water is one way of practicing balance therefore it can help if one starts with it.

Once balancing is perfected, one can start challenging waves on the shore. Many athletes such as skiers use this sport as part of their training.

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Good for the Health and Super Fun

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Since surfing is a sport that is very strenuous because it involves almost all muscles of the body to work, it is one way of staying fit. It is leisure plus living a healthy life. Sometimes, hitting the gym can be tiring and boring but playing a sport is something that can replace it, and be a great weight loss for women outlet for the ladies.

This posted was put together and then updated by Susie (our intern) – it took her a bit to get it published due to an ankle sprain while SUP surfing. Thankfully, she used this easy sprained ankle recovery phase book, and sped up her recovery 10 fold.

Stand up paddle surfing works out the core muscles of the body thereby building the right shape and curves in both men and women. Working core muscles promotes endurance, strength and agility. It is not easy balancing on top of a long and thin board plus making sure you stay on top even when big waves hits the board.

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Achieving Balance on the Board

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It is not easy balancing oneself on top of surf board especially that it glides on water. It can be more difficult if there are a lot of waves hitting the board. It can seem impossible to stand erect even if paddles are available for support.

For beginners, standing up is a very big challenge because the body needs to learn first and adjust for balancing. Unlike in regular surfing, one can start with lying flat on belly as beginners training and as balance is achieved.

Once momentum is gained and balanced is maintained, the surfer stands on board slowly and meet the waves. In stand up paddle surf the rider has to stand and rely initially on the paddle for balance. Sometimes kneeling can be one way to achieve balance if one cannot really hold one’s body upright.

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Gear for the Sport

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  • Your Board

This sport requires sturdy board made of durable material because when waves are big and rapid, it hits the board strongly. If board is not made out of proper surfing board material then one can expect it to easily break because of the impact of the water.

Most boards of stand-up paddle surf sport are made out of glass-reinforced plastic just like the material used in common surf boards. Some uses durable wood as core material of board and sometimes sturdy plastic.

These days, other materials are available and inflatable boards are also being manufactured too. The length of the boards for this sport is generally between 9 feet to 12 feet. Anything that does not belong to this range is not advisable to be used.

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Brief History of the Sport

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Originally, this sport started in Hawaii and is used previously by photographers to balance themselves when taking photographs of surfers. Then, it became part of training for surfers to use paddle for balance and eventually it became a sport.

We’ve had many students who attend Phoenix, Arizona college of nursing programs say that SUP is a great way to relax and take time off.

It is also used for paddling in water at very long distance. It helps one balance on top of board well to meet waves especially big and strong or those that come in rapid sets. Veteran from Vietnam War Rick Thomas brought this sport from Hawaii where it first started to the United States.

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